We are Black Ecco Group

We are a totally digital business cluster, where our mission is to help
other businesses adapt themselves into the new digital era.

This is what we offer: software development using CMMI3 certification,
e-Commerce, digital receipts, CoDi payments, digital content, crowdfunding and more

Our culture

We are constantly looking forward to create relationships
with our community where everyone wins.

We support our allies and partners to become more successful together


Our philosophy is to be respectful and have the responsibility with our teams to foster strong interpersonal relationships.


We have the best team to develop new ideas and innovative projects.


Inside our group we support and develop the ideas to empower entrepreneurship.

Founding partners

René Quintero

R. Founder/CEO


James Kramer

R. Founder/CFO


Our story


René Quintero and James Kramer built the first stage of Black Ecco Group. They were expecting that their business would benefit from the new era in ecommerce. Today this business operates under the OFERA brand.


Black Ecco diversifies and acquires the 50% of “The Chinampa”: a mexican restaurant that has had an exponential growth becoming a successful example in the “Semana Nacional del Emprendedor”.


Black Ecco POS is founded. This business develops, manufactures and markets thermal printers, cash drawers, and hardware used in points of sale (POS). .

Rentec borns. Business dedicated to rent event production technology


We adopt the new model Communitarian Private Equity (CPE) for digital business.

Black Invoice is founded, for digital invoicing.

Black Ecco acquires the CMMI N3 certification in software development.


Following the needs for activism and always looking forward to creating a better society, Freelenial is founded to becomes a digital movement with more than 500k followers in social media.

Ecco Cash starts operating, providing a platform that simplifies cross selling between businesses and members of our community.


AYÜN digital video marketing agency is founded

Sign4Life, business dedicated to the authentication of documents through the Firma Electrónica Digital, is founded


Forking from Black Ecco POS, SkyTicket is a new software developed to deliver digital receipts, integrating new solutions to its portfolio, like electronic payments through CoDi.

Because COVID-19, we decided to develop Rentec Go On, a solution focused on performing hybrid events (Live & Online) and the international convention associated with Young Living Latinoamérica.

CIN Pool is founded as a crowdfunding platform that allows the general public to invest in new and innovative projects.

Privada Corina 18, Del Carmen, Coyoacán, 04100 Ciudad de México, CDMX

- (55) 5355 3086

- (55) 2631 7261

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