The first Communitarian Private
Equity in Latin America.

CPE is the new way of organizing your business

Vertical integration

We integrate or develop businesses that can work as service
providers for the rest of the companies in the group.

Benefits of integrating

You become the provider of some services that the group requires, creating a community where everyone wins.

Businesses involved in the group require your services, which means you will improve your profitability from day 1.

You will have access to the back office resources (accounting, HR, lawyers and more) since we share our the operating expenses to reduce our fixed costs.

Everyone wins!

Horizontal integration

Integrate or develop businesses that offer complementary
services or products that we already offer so the value increases.

Use the networking of the group to connect to other businesses and sell your products or services in new markets.

You will have access to the back office resources (accounting, HR, lawyers and more) since we share absorbpartake ourof the operating expenses to reduce share our fixed costscushion part of costs.

Use our rewards platform “EccoCash” and follow the business opportunities that you bring to us. In EccoCash you can win commissions if you recommend our services.

Our business model can be
attractive to different audiences



Know our group and discover the value proposition that every business has.



The possibilities are endless for you if you wish to become part of the group.

Privada Corina 18, Del Carmen, Coyoacán, 04100 Ciudad de México, CDMX

- (55) 5355 3086

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